Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show will provide you with quality entertainment. Engage your audience and entertain your guests. Doug makes certain your guests have a great time with his family quality, group oriented stage hypnosis show

Doug Meacham’s Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show is truly plug and play. You can leave the details to us. We provide everything to ensure your show is a hit. We have our own sound system; our own music and the experience to make your event a laugh-a-minute, fun filled extravaganza. The best part? You’re the hero! Your guest will be talking about the event long after the night is gone and they’ll have you to thank for such great fun.

You can book Doug Meacham’s Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show for your next fundraiser, Senior Grad Party, singles event and more. We’re just a phone call away.