Singles Events

Doug Meacham knows a successful singles organization has to be mindful of their competition, and give an incentive to prospective new members to join by offering a host of unique options not seen at a competitor. Your organization can be unique with a comedy hypnosis show.

Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show will help you to put on a terrific and satisfying singles event that will satisfy your members and reflect positively on your organization, even while on a tight budget.

A comedy stage hypnosis show is a fresh alternative to existing event options. This type of show will allow your clients to laugh, participate and be an enormous ice breaker as they can be the stars of the show, and later discuss their experience with anyone who’s interested. You’ll be amazed just how much everyone will talk about it. It’s completely different from any other sort of show offering!

Doug Meacham’s Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show is a fast-paced, contemporary program that involves your audience keeling over in laughter. It is a program that uses a lot of music and hilarious routines that will keep your audience laughing from beginning to end, without resorting to inappropriate content.

The comedy hypnosis show is a great way to offer something completely unique and exciting to your event calendar and get you rave reviews. The Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show may very well be your organization’s hit of the year.

Doug Meacham’s Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis show is an outstanding value for your organization and an appealing night out for your clients! You can book the Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show for your next event. We’re just a phone call away.