Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show has its roots in the traditional hypnosis show of the 40’s and 50’s, but, we don’t stop there! To insure you get the best entertainment for your event, Doug keeps the show flexible; you can even request a specific theme. The shows are filled with good, clean fun that engages your audience and keeps them laughing.

The volunteers, and your audience, will experience the awesome power of their own mind. Doug will take them to exotic locales, see things that will have everyone glued to their seats and leave your guests wanting more. Doug will ensure everyone is treated with respect so no one gets embarrassed either by suggestion or participation.

Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show will be the event everyone talks about and remembers long after we’ve left the stage. Doug will make certain it’s a fun filled adventure with a few other things mixed in just to lock in the laughs.