How to Coordinate the Assembly Highlight of Your Year Even on a Tight Budget!


Working to provide satisfying assemblies is becoming increasingly difficult as budgets tighten and student interests diversify. It is becoming more important to cut costs and provide a greater variety of events that appeal to the broad cross section of a varied student body while still maintaining appropriate content.

This special report will help you to put on a terrific and satisfying assembly, even while on a tight budget. Every penny saved is important and can be stretched to incorporate a more pleasing and satisfying program for your school.

Let’s begin to see how you can cut costs and bring in a terrific program that will satisfy your needs and get rave reviews from both your students and teachers.

How to Save Money on Your Assembly Programming

More so than with other organizations, schools have to watch where their money is going. At the same time you want to provide your student body with valuable assemblies. One way many schools have found to cut costs is through Block Booking.

Block Booking means that you book a program when the program is already in your area presenting for other schools. Because the program is already in your area and there are not any extra travel expenses, the program will usually be offered at quite a discount.

With some programs, if you book more than one program with them, they will also offer discounts on the programs.

For instance, we have dealt with many schools that will hire us for an assembly program in the afternoon, and book us for a fundraising program in the evening. This is an excellent way to bring a program to your students while raising funds for those in need at your school.

Recently, more schools have incorporated an idea for in-school fundraisers during school hours. Students pay an inexpensive ticket price to have fun and see a great show.

Most students will want to attend your fundraising assembly practically guaranteeing a full house!

A Program for the Highlight of Your Schools Assembly Activities

 The Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Program is an outstanding value for your school and a hot program for your student body.

It is a fast-paced, contemporary program that involves your audience and will have your audience keeling over in laughter. It is a program that uses a lot of music and hilarious routines that will keep your audience laughing from beginning to end without resorting to non-appropriate content.

The program is a great way to show your appreciation for your students, or give them a mental break during the year. The Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show may very well be your school’s hit of the year. A demo video is available that you can request via phone, fax or email.

Save Money Three Ways

 What makes the Retro Hypno Comedy Hypnosis Show such a strong value are

the terrific regular pricing, the multiple program bonus discount and the incredible Block Booking discount opportunities!

In a nutshell, you receive wonderful customer service and terrific programs at

an affordable rate.


Doug Meacham